"They Stole Our Beach"

"They Stole Our Beach"


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  1. Justice for all Says:

    trouble is coming down the pipeline

  2. Justice for all Says:

    Another summer, a hot July and STILL NO SAFE beach access.
    Greed is the root of this evil and this evil is the root of the devil.
    Hopefully justice will prevail and
    the good people of this community keep on fighting for what is right and LEGAL.

  3. Silver edge Says:

    I am a Throgs Neck native who knows very well that that beach was public access, I played and fished there myself. I cannot believe this is still going on.
    I kind of like the idea of a whole bunch of people tearing down the wall. Enough is enough.

  4. anonymous Says:

    Feds were on the block …….
    and so it begins !

  5. eartoground Says:

    Best he can hope for is Federal Time.
    Smart money’s saying he gives them up.

  6. J-E-T-SJetsJetsJets Says:

    A lot of us saw this. Civil service workers from DC37 on down that whistleblower laws suck. They’re not gonna go forward and tell because they know whose involved. Remember I Robot. Someone gotta ask the right person the right questions. Then the robots will turn on each other.

  7. anonymous&reallyannoyed Says:

    Summer is half over. 3 years No Safe Beach Access.
    What a disgrace.
    Local politicians laying low. What do they know???

  8. anonymous Says:

    something smells real bad on Casler Place.

  9. I.P. Says:

    Bronx Supreme Court Justice Edgar Walker made his decision and the wall is supposed to come down. This is an abomination to the people who live there and to our justice system that seems to be a big joke. Why go to court at all if it doesn’t matter what a judge says? I say the people of Throgs Neck should take the law into their own hands and tear that wall down themselves! Shame on Thomas and Susan Acquafredda and the court system for not following up!!
    No one seems to want to enforce judge’s decision. Why? What is going on that they can’t get the wall down? Corruption I say, what is the Mayor doing about this? Hmmm…

  10. Anonymous Says:

    A Hard Rain is Going to Fall !!

  11. anonymous Says:

    Another set of fraudulent documents have been filed with NYC Agencies by the Acquafreddas their Architect Gino Longo and their lawyer Rothkrug.

  12. CaddyUserandDriver Says:

    Go Giants! Im up to hon nob with old buddies to watch the game. What happened to Joe&Joes? Where’d all the boat yards go? New Stadium is a gem. I wish it was baseball season. The restaurant on Pennyfield is real nice though. My buddy told me that there’s a bunch of crooks that got busted stealing streets. We all used to go swimming down there at the boat yards and streets. flounders and eels by the bushel too. Everyone used to be real tight. How can these people turn a tight community on each other into the opposite of what it was? Arent there laws against that? You guys should get lawyers.

  13. anononymous Says:

    Well it’s business as usual on Casler and Dare Place.
    People building without building permits.
    The Bronx Department of Buildings just lets it continue to happen.
    Ever wonder why laws are continued to be allowed to be broken?
    …..and so it goes.
    Lucky for the good citizens of Casler & Dare Place someone is paying attention.

  14. JamaicaJammer Says:

    I was away for the new year and have the best tan in the city now. Christmas with palm trees just don’t cut it. My compare is working on a thing here and he heard about your thing in the Bronx. He’s real excited. Might decide go to court on his thing now too. Keep it up guys.

  15. Thorny rose Says:

    Good luck to the good people of Casler place and Dare place on their victory. I hope 2012 brings the rest of the justice you all deserve in the form of monetary damages. Make sure you get a good lawyer who doesn’t have a conflict of interest.

  16. TheTigerWoodsofMyrtleBeach Says:

    I still check on the old neighborhood. What a shame. I remember the boat yards before those cockamamy condos went up. I heard a lot about that too from buddies still up there. The way I heard tell was the worlds second oldest profession got paid good. No wonder why people like me retire and get the hell out. At least I can trust my neighbors and politicians here. Post it for me. Who are your representatives up there now? I bet it explains a lot.

  17. anonymous Says:

    The little people have to fight very hard for everything. I am glad for the people of those blocks that they won.
    The developers thought that they would get away with it. WHO DO THEY KNOW? WHO HELPS THEM GET AWAY WITH THIS?
    I think we are all sick of this in our city. Look at all the politicians who have been indicted, gone to jail and so forth. This is our taxpayer dollars people. Keep up the good work.

  18. BrooklynDodgersClassof1952 Says:

    Was that the same Hevesi Aquafreda guy was a stool pigeon. dollars to donuts this schmuck sings like a canarie too.

  19. acquafreddavictim Says:

    Follow the money

  20. Simon Garfunkel Says:

    Down here, we remember Donald Manes. Did you start to look at who knows your reps up there and who’s helping who? Thats the only way something like your problem can even get off the ground. Manes took the way out in the Roman tradition. Ironic….your reps involved in your thing are committing political suicide. I just read up top that someone mentioned Alan Hevesi. Wasn’t his driver named Aquafreda too?

  21. acquafreddavictim Says:

    VICTORY !!!
    Daily News Article on Casler Place Residents Victory to win beach back from Acquafredda Developers.

    The honorable Edgar G. Walker Bronx Supreme Court Judge claimed he never saw anything like this.
    They knowingly filed fraudulent Deeds by selling land they owned to themselves and while doing so changed the metes and bounds.

  22. acquafreddavictim Says:

    I wonder if has something to do with the sale of 3083 Casler Place

  23. acquafreddavictim Says:

    and Supreme Court Appellate judges unanimously find that the Acquafreddas filed fraudulent deeds for their illegal housing complex.

  24. Thorny rose Says:

    Let’s hope that the people of Casler and Dare get an early Xmas gift in the form of justice and restitution for all the harassment and grief it has caused them. People like the aquafredda’s try to use their money and crooked connections to intimidate those around them, but the law is the law, and eventually, it does catch up to you. Case in point, Bernie Madoff, John corizine, and many others. Politicans who take playoffs to help people like the aquafreddas will get aight, disgraced and jailed. The wheels of justice grind exceeding slow, but they will get what’s coming to them!
    Let’s hope 2012 is the year of the acquafreddas and their cohorts getting their payback!

  25. anonymous Says:

    Susan and Tom Acquafredda along with their Architect Gino Longo,
    their Lawyer Adam Rothkrug and their Land Surveyor Alphonso Pesce Jr. all filed fraudulent documents with various city and state agencies. This is all a matter of record. The authorities are investigating and have more than enough proof to get the good people of Casler and Dare Place justice.

  26. anonymous Says:

    I am from Queens and heard that Gino Longo has set up shop in the Bronx.
    He got booted from Queens ’cause he is dirty. Beware of him Bronxites. he has friends in political places and builds what he wants. he should be sent to jail

  27. acquafreddavictim Says:

    People from the Federal Government have been asking people in the neighborhood about Susan and Tom Acquafredda.
    Maybe they will spend Christmas behind bars.

  28. anonymous Says:

    I heard about this thru the neighborhood. Used to swim there as a kid and my young adult life. Sounds like they have slick, “greased” people helping them get this monstrosity built. Plus those houses are UGLY.
    Keep on fighting, go to the papers and news.
    Stay away from the politicians . They are greased $

  29. acquafreddavictim Says:

    Hudson Valley Bank has started Foreclosure procedings against
    Susan Acquafredda and Tom Acquafredda and their illegal Housing Development on Casler and Dare Place in the Throggs Neck section of the Bronx.
    The illegal development which has dozens of zoning violations has not been granted C of O’s by the Building Department. There are numerous investigations by City Agencies as a result of false documents being filed by The Aquafreddas, their Lawyer, their Architect and Land Surveyor.
    There are also investigations now being made by the State of New York and the Federal government.
    The Bronx Supreme Court Judge the Honorable Edgar G. Walker
    has ruled that the Acquafreddas have caused Irreparable Harm to the community who is represented by the NYC Law Firm of Simon, Eisenberg and Baum.

  30. Anonymous Says:

    the DOB is committing a crime….If someone is overdeveloping and stealing lucrative property not theirs to do it, its committing Grand Larceny. If a city agency helps them do it, isn’t that Aiding and Abetting Grand Larceny? Why doesn’t DOI prosecute this?

  31. rockyroadahead Says:

    Just wanted to add on some words uttered by James Vacca before he was elected- He just oozes sincerity….

    #1 Lie – James Vacca said “One bad house or crowded concrete development can ruin a good block!”

    #2 Lie- Every developer says they’re going to build the Taj Mahal”, laughs Vacca. “It doesn’t always come out that way. I can’t sleep at night worrying about what bad architechture and illegal building can do to the small town feel people here love so much. It consumes me.”

    Boy, how quickly things have changed!!!
    My question to Mr. Vacca is, After what you have done to the people of Casler Place, HOW can you SLEEP at night??????

  32. Thorny rose Says:

    I’m very happy to see everyone writing on this blogsite again as this issue continues to heat up. People banding together as a group to fight bureaucracy and to right the wrongs made by those with deep pockets, CAN make a difference. The Acquafreddas and Mr. Vacca need to get the message that this neighborhood will not tolerate harassment, illegal takeovers of publicly owned beaches, ignoring zoning regulations, and most of all a hypocritical city councilman who cried that his main objective when he took office was to protect the neighborhood from over development. His words, in print, not read out of context by anyone, or misunderstood. Yet he has allowed, maybe even encouraged this abomination to happen. Now why would he do that if he were an honest person? An honest person would be fighting for the residents who have been wronged, not greasing his palm and looking the other way. He needs to be thrown out of office. And people, don’t be disheartened because this is a fight that will be done. Mr Vacca and the Acquafredda’s, go to this site and see what happened recently to others like you who thought money could buy out the

  33. pklein Says:

    I miss the beach. As a child I spent every summer at this lovely family centered beach. This is where I learned to have my basic respect for nature and sea life. I learned to swim, dive off the rocks, row a boat, clam and do cartwheels on the sandbar at low tide and how.brave I felt as I picked up a horseshoe crab. I remember how I learned first hand how the tides were on a schedule and there was excitement at high tide as well as at low tide. My bothers and sisters have fond memories of the “The Beach” and upon arrival at grandma’s house the first thing we did was to go check out the beach and make sure everything was just as we left it last time we visited. I miss the quaint little beach with the “rock”. and it’s view of the bridge.

  34. squeakywheel Says:

    My roots are in the Bronx. My people are either buried or still breeding there, and what I know of the “Casler Place Massacre” comes from them. A couple of things strike me. The Casler Place plaintiffs win a court case against the Aquafreddas, and still they get stonewalled by those officials responsible for redress. This is an invitation to vigilante tactics. If this should occur, the blame belongs squarely on the corrupt officials involved. Mr. Vacca, looks like one of the usual suspects. Secondly, Casler Place’s long time residents should have been proactive. Passively obstructing the concrete trucks pouring the wall or blocking the workers building the chain-link fence should have been done at the outset. The cops won’t get involved in a purely civil dispute without a court order. Workers won’t put themselves at risk by following orders to assault citizens, especially under the watchful eyes of the media. If they do, than it is immediately viewed as a criminal matter which still hasn’t happened. Appeasement only emboldened the Aquafreddas. Hot water is what they should have been put in right away when it was most opportune to do so. Finally, it seems as though the legal proceeding resulted in a judgment, rather than a court order. How come?

  35. Kiko Says:

    I wanted to buy a House on Casler Place because of the beach but unlike the other blocks there was a big fence put up by a developer and they have blocked off the beach to the residents.
    How can the acuqafredda developers take the beach away and Devalue the rest of the houses on the block?
    It is impossible to get through to anyone at City Hall; no one at any city agency wants to recognize the issue or get answers to the public.
    This is another case of corruption in the city? Where are all the city representatives now?

  36. KikoA Says:

    There is corruption in every department in NYC. How can Aquafredda get away with buying a beach???? Who sells public property to individuals? Vacca should do something but he is tied to this group. Is anyone in the city hall honest and will actually stand up for their districts?

  37. Thorny Rose Says:

    This is just another case of the rich and powerful taking from the hard working middle class. The Acquafredda’s are just another example of how corrupt our politicians are and how easily their so called “integrity” can be bought for the right price. Mayor Bloomberg said he got rid of all the corrupt politicians in the city and its burroughs. Um, excuse me, but you missed a few and they are alive and well and prospering at the expense of the good people who live at Casler place. They should be ashamed of themselves, because they sold out their constituents for a price. They are helping the Acquafredda’s break the law by blocking a beach that was accessible to the homeowners on the block for the past 70 years. Did they think that by building those those eyesores they call “multi-family” homes, that they bought the beach too? And how could they illegally build a fence blocking the entrance to the beach and have not been ordered to tear it down after two years of this nonsense going on? What was once an idylic respite for the hard working homeowners living on Casler Place, is now an ever escalating war zone. Every politican and City Agency that these homeowners have approached through legal channels and personally, have shrugged their shoulders and passed the buck to another politican or agency until there are no more bucks to pass. The buck stops at the Mayor’s door, but neither he or his “non-corrupt” administration and agencies are answering the door. They have turned their back on this community as if it does not exist, and when push comes to shove, more payoffs are being handed out to either stop the legal process from going forward, or to just make believe it doesn’t exist. The mayor said he was the peoples mayor, but by that I think he meant he was the rich people’s mayor, and now that hes a lame duck, he can ignore this situation until his term runs out. But all you other corrupt politicans, you may want to think about your re-election and yes, money helps win elections, but you can only buy so many votes, and since most of your constituents are the people that you are now turning your back on and screwing over, I wouldn’t count on being employed once your term is up, or you get caught taking illegal campaign contributions or “gifts”. Read the papers, you all get caught eventually. The bigger you are, the harder you fall. Many of the mighty have fallen, and they never recover. So you might want to rethink this situation and maybe someone will have the guts to man up and DO THE RIGHT THING!

    • rockyroadahead Says:

      OMG Rocky Rose, you have made a valid point, but it seems to me that the person at the core of this issue is a man named James Vacca, who I believe is your elected official and who lives in nearby Silver Beach, a beautiful idylic very close knit neighborhood that hardly anyone knows exists. How would Mr. Vacca feel if this were happening in his part of town, and was this travesty of justice to the residents of Casler Place a trade-off to save his own neighborhood, because if you research and read his own published quotes and campaign materials, his main concern seemed to be preservation of the neighborhoods in this beautiful area. One must wonder what happened for him to do such a turnabout on his position, or is he just another corrupt politicain who says anything to get elected and then turns his back on those he took an oath of office to protect??? He has made himself invisible on this issue and wants no part of it, when not too long ago he claimed IN PRINT that he would LOSE SLEEP over the building of eyesores and destruction of this beautiful area. I hope that the watchdogs of the corrupt are keeping an eye on him, because something is terribly wrong and the victims of Casler Place not only deserve to get their beach back immediately, but also should be compensated monetarily for the emotional distress and hardship they have suffered for the past few years. Please someone, please prove to me that the justice system really does work for everyone, and right this grevious wrong NOW!

  38. Wondering Says:

    Who allows them to get away with what they are getting away with? where are the agencies in all of this.

  39. neveradullmoment Says:

    You see this? Top dog in Queens takes a pinch cause he got greedy. Buildings would been a great job. I shoulda been to college and study politics, so I can grab some of that corruption money. I’d do a few months fed time for a few hundred grand. What’s the union scale rate for Buildings in the Bronx and city? Hey, when is that case from the Bronx going to start a trial?

  40. Neveradullmoment Says:

    Hey, don’t you guys up there have a court trial or something coming up? Does the judge know everything they did was illegal?

  41. Doreen Says:

    A reminder “Thou shalt not steal”. Open the gate and stop breaking the hearts of all the harding working neighbors. The end of the day they earned the beach. Give it back

  42. speedster Says:

    This is what is making the city difficult to live in.
    Politicians, who get monetary support from developers and contractors, who “IN EXCHANGE GET FAVORS” for their benefit.

    Developers who don’t live in the 5 boroughs, and don’t give a damn about what they do to our neighborhoods.

    It is time to stop these greedy people and dirty politicians

  43. NYPost10/31/09 Says:

    Driven up a sea wall
    Bx. neighbors battle beach-block barrier
    Last Updated: 8:03 AM, October 31, 2009 Posted: 3:44 AM, October 31, 2009

    Some Throgs Neck residents are making waves over a construction project that blocks access to the beach at the end of their street — for the first time in more than 80 years.
    Residents of seven homes along Casler Place and nearby Pennyfield Avenue in The Bronx are suing Thomas and Susan Acquafredda for building a fence at the end of the road and reconstructing a sea wall, keeping them from frolicking on the shores of Eastchester Bay.

    The Aquafreddas, who live a block away on Dare Place, are making the repairs to protect the four multifamily homes they built at the end of Casler Place.
    Their lawyer, Simon Rothkrug, claimed that the beach was private and that the fence had always been there. But the repairs now keep the public from sneaking onto the sand, he said.
    A gate once allowed them to get through the fence but the gate has been locked.

    Rothkrug said his clients bought the beachfront properties on both sides of Casler in the 1990s and fixed the fence in ’99 without objection.
    The plaintiffs’ lawyer, Eric Baum, called it “an outrage that . . . the Acquafreddas . . . have seized land they don’t own.”

    The residents have had a right to use the beach since 1928, when then- property owner Locust Point Estate issued an easement granting public access, Baum noted.
    And a 1986 letter from the city Law Department to the Bronx Borough president said that access to the beach at the end of Casler Place is public.
    “It’s been used that way openly and notoriously for decades,” Baum said. “When you have a person using a public area openly and publicly over a 10-year period, it becomes an easement by prescription.”
    Rothkrug maintains that the sea wall was built with permits from the state Department of Environmental

    Edel Morrissey and other Throgs Neck residents complain that a neighbor’s wall prevents them from hitting the beach.

    Conservation and the Department of Citywide Administrative Services, which is charging the Acquafreddas $20 a month for the land under the sea wall in order to repair it.
    Baum insists “that does not give them rights to the beach or the right to deny access to other residents.”
    o who owns the beach? A DEC spokesman said no permit would have been granted had the beach been public. A spokesman for the city Parks Department said the sandy strip just past Casler was not under its jurisdiction.

    DCAS spokesman Mark Daly said the Acquafreddas’ access to the strip of sand between the end of the road and the sea wall is not exclusive. “We’ll review the matter,” he said.

    The two sides agreed before Judge Edgar Walker in Bronx Supreme Court that no further work would be done until a hearing is held on Nov. 16.

    At least one neighbor, meanwhile, cut through the legal mumbo jumbo to articulate the neighborhood’s stance.
    “I like the beach,” said Rose Lillian Laurino, 90, who has lived in Throgs Neck there since 1935. “I think it’s not fair after all these years.”

  44. Dylan Says:

    Here Comes the Rain…….

  45. The pen is mighty Says:

    Isn’t their lawyer a registered lobbyist for the city? You people can probably check in a public record or something. Do they represent or lobby politicians? Is it a conflict of interest to be a lobbyist in the city, and for the city, then represent clients to get stuff from the city, and represent the same client in a suit regarding the city?

  46. Acquafreddavictim Says:

    What is happening on Casler Place and Dare Place is a Microcosm of all that is wrong with the world.

    You have the greedy Developers, Susan and Thomas Acquafredda who along with their Architect and Contractor and Lawyers think they they can BULLY the hard working people of the neighborhood by circumventing the laws that were designed to stop predators like themselves.

    They are trying to steal what is rightfully the good people of Casler Places property.
    They are stealing from the salt of the earth, Fireman, Policeman, Postal workers, Nurses, teachers and retired people who spent their lives building the community.
    These hard working people enjoyed the beach after a long day of work.
    Now their beach is being advertised as a private beach to new so called upscale tenants. What a disgrace.

    This Group of Developers have absolutely no interest in being good neighbors.
    They moved into an established neighborhood made up primarily of single family houses and proceeded with the help of their Zoning
    manipulator Lawyers and their Architect to build four two-family semi detached homes and are trying to build two more.
    These illegal, poorly designed inappropriate buildings are out of scale and out of character with the community.

    The Acquafreddas and their associates stole the beach from the Casler Place Residents and constructed an illegal Sea Wall and built and filled in a Wetland.
    The residents have had access to the beach for over 75 years and it is all well documented.

    For years the residents have asked for help and were ignored.
    This is a classic illegal LAND GRAB by the Developers and the local politicians like James Vacca stood by and let them.
    Jimmy Vacca is more interested in helping the developers who he has a special relationship with.
    see campaign contributions, as they are public record.
    James Vacca also has his offices in the same building as Susan Acquafredda.

    This is just the beginning. Your Block and your neighborhood is next.


  47. Down the Block Says:

    YES!!! LET’S DO IT!!!!!

  48. reallypstoff Says:


  49. dareplacecrimescene Says:

    The entire Building Site and the Beach at Casler Place and Dare Place should have yellow Crime Scene tape wrapped around it.
    It is after all a CRIME SCENE.
    Susan and Thomas Aquafredda have committed crimes against Humanity.

    We now have new important information to help The Acquafredda Victims.
    Our support continues to grow where it counts most.

  50. painted turtle Says:

    One is reminded of the bad old days of Boss Tweed and Tammany Hall.

  51. Down the Block Says:

    There’s no accounting for this person’s taste. Building something that hideous without any regard to the surrounding homes, scale, style, color
    it’s all wrong. What an eyesore I feel sorry for those people who have to look at those things everyday! AND they lose access to the beach.

  52. V1 Says:

    Speaking of Locust Point, did the same builder they use do those Section 8 houses right outside Locust Point? What a scam….corruption, ineptitude, intimidation maybe, gets you houses that shouldn’t be there, then the government pays for them! Who said crime doesn’t pay?

  53. matrix Says:

    all viewers beware!!!! If you don’t think this couldn’t happen in your neighborhood you are sadly, very wrong. This beautiful area of Throgs Neck is slowly choking on overdevolpment. Just look at the massive house in locust point and all over throgs neck. what are our politiicans doing. nothing. Once on devolper see’s that something can get done, they all start showing up. Just beware.

  54. tip of the iceberg Says:

    They bust the mafia inspectors and try to make it seem as though everything is cleaned up here in the Bronx as if this was an exception rather than the rule here in the Bronx and elsewhere in the city. But why doesn’t anyone follow the money trail? Because the powers that be would like it to be believed it’s the exception rather than the rule.
    The truth is all anyone, especially any decent investigative reporter would need to do is follow the money trail, who made the payoffs and bribes and what did they receive in return? It’s not hard to find out but all the politicians will show you is one side of the coin. Why? Because the other side incriminates them. So yes it’s business as usual. You ask how do they get away with this? It’s because they always have. And the politicians will make it seem a very small and provincial “not in my back yard” problem but actually its the seed of the destruction of every ethical standard this country was supposedly built upon. Truth is it’s taking place in everyone of us’s “Front yard”
    and this “blanketing corruption” is what is fueling and has for a very long time the destruction of our “so called” democracy. It’s not enough to bust the “money takers” we must find and prosecute and publicize
    those who make the payoffs. If not our children will continue to lose faith in us and their country and who could blame them?

  55. Mad As Hell Says:

    Maybe we should get Arnold Diaz on the case.

  56. JamesVaccacan'tsleep Says:


    “Every developer says they’re going to build the Taj Mahal,” laughs Vacca. “It doesn’t always come out that way. I can’t sleep at night worrying about what bad architecture and illegal building can do to the small-town feel people here love so much. It consumes me.”

    “The water gives it a serenity compared to most other New York neighborhoods. One bad house or crowded, concrete development, according to Vacca, can ruin a good block.”



    It all is public record.
    Check out who contributed to James Vaccas Campaign.
    What a shock it’s the Developers & their Associates themselves.
    Oh….. and guess who he shares a building with ?
    and the beat goes on and on.

    But I am glad Mike Bloomberg said that the corruption is all cleared up. Cough….Cough !!

    But don’t worry we are not alone…….help is on its way.

  57. Photo Fed Up Says:

    Where is the Over development Ranger? J.V. This is within walking distance from his house. He said in his Voter Guide Bio “I was raised to believe if you work hard and play by the rules, you’ll be rewarded. But to often in this city we find irresponsible builders issued permits as a matter of right,… ” This is the perfect project for him to stand behind that statement WHERE IS HE ? With the latest corruption news coming from Bronx Bldg Dept could he possibly be mixed up with the developers?

  58. MadasHell Says:

    The beach at the end of Casler Place makes up most of my childhood memories of my summers spent in Fort Schuyler. It was the first place I’d run to when visiting my grandmother and grandfather who lived on Dare Place. It was nice to gather there and catch up with the neighbors on the block. I caught my first flounder with a drop-line off the side of my uncle’s boat. I remember catching spearing in milk bottles filled with bread and learning about horseshoe crabs and starfish. We would spend countless hours exploring the shoreline and glide on our skim-boards at low tide. Remember swimming to “The Big rock?” And “The Drop?” When we were teenagers we would water ski with our friends or cruise to City Island. I remember when my brothers paddled their “Sunfish” to Long Island. I learned how to row in my great uncles wooden rowboat. My aunt would swim back and forth everyday in her frilly bathing cap. My godfather would recruit us to clean the beach of debris and seaweed. I have such fond memories of the beach and I can still smell the briny scent of seaweed. My mom would tell us stories of how the sound would freeze over and she was able to walk to the light house or how she and her cousins would dive off Camorata’s dock. We would gather there each holiday with our relatives, especially to celebrate the Fourth of July.
    I had hoped my children might have enjoyed the beach as well but now it is not possible because of one selfish resident. I feel so sad that I can no longer go and walk on the beach and that the residents are being cheated out of the wonderful experiences of living on the water. Not to mention what it does to market values of the homes, don’t get me started! It’s just not fair. The beach belongs to all of the residents!
    “Mad as hell and not gonna take it!”

  59. consideringitall Says:

    How tragic! They’ve lost their beach? It was taken from them? Illegally? How can that be? How could this be allowed. Someone needs to fix this! OH, and there is definitely an APOLOGY DUE!

  60. matrix Says:

    pepto houses

    • Orlando Says:

      I think that these crooks will get what they deserve, just like the city comptroller allen hevasi!!!!!!!

  61. V1 Says:

    What a shame. It always seems like its the kids who lose out most.

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